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My 4 year old daughter

My 4 year old daughter had her tonsils taken out four weeks ago and it is the best thing to have happened to her. After suffering tonsillitis every 3-4 weeks, she is now a changed little girl. She is sleeping so much better and eating so much better too. The recovery was so quick, and I can not be more thankful to Pei-Pei.

Sophie Panter

I would look to thank

I would look to thank Miss Cheang as after chronic and acute bouts of Rhino-sinusitis for many years, she has been the only ENT to look at this along with another medical condition and draw pararrels, where other surgeons had told me it was either an operation or continued use of strong antibiotics.
By viewing my case as a whole, and not just focusing on the area she specialise it, this has saved me undergoing an operation that my body may not have been able to cope with effectively. Miss Chaeng’s impeccable bedside manner and understanding, as well as ability to look at conditions from many angles, is a credit to both private and NHS patients. Thank you very much.

Steph A


After 3 years with a loss of taste and smell and being unable to breathe through my nose, my GP finally referred me to KIMS.
Pei-Pei diagnosed bilateral polyposis and her treatment had immediate effect. Over the year she has completely cleared the problem and changed my life for the better (difficult for a chef without taste or smell). Pei-Pei is quiet and calming with an extremely professional manner inspiring confidence. I would not hesitate to thoroughly recommend her.
Thank you so very much Pei-Pei.

Alan Dobson


Our Granddaughter, Ellie, had suffered from almost continuous bouts of tonsillitis which were affecting her school attendance and, as she had only started senior school last September, it was making things difficult for her. We saw Ms Cheang and she examined her and explained the procedure she would undertake without talking down to Ellie who is almost 12. The operation was carried out and Ellie can now sleep without snoring and she has much more energy. Ms Cheang and all the staff at the Nuffield Hospital, Tunbridge Wells looked after Ellie and all of us very well and the follow up consultation answered our few questions. Thank you to all.

Lynn Tucknott


I recently had a Warthins tumour removed from my saliva gland I was aware that this would leave a long scar and the possible loss
of feeling in parts of the face.
Miss cheang ensured that the cut was not visible by the way it was angled and quite a number of people have commented on how well it has healed and is hardly visible.
I did not suffer any loss of feeling in my lower face and no adverse outcomes.
A good surgeon and a great nhs what a lucky nation we are.

Michael Shave

JoJo Blackwood

We first met Pei Pei as our ENT Specialist at the Nuffield in Tunbridge Wells, when our daughter, Flossy was at the end of her tether with constant tonsillitis. PP is a calming, kind and well assuring lady, herself a mother as well as a specialist in the area. Our daughter, within days responded 100% to the surgery and aftercare that her team provided. I would absolutely recommend Doctor Pei Pei to any other mother whom has been through our journey. Warmest best. x

Laura Capener

My 2 year old had sleep apnea and constant tonsillitis, Pei-Pei Cheang came highly recommended to us and she was wonderful and very good with children.
My son had his Tonsils and Adenoids out just over two weeks ago and I had every confidence in her and it went very smoothly, he is now fully recovered and for the first time in his life he has slept for 5 nights through the night without waking and I also can now relax about him not having tonsillitis all winter.
Professional service and so kind and caring along with being a wonderful surgeon. Thank you!

Joanne Harris

My son had problems with glue ear for many months to the point of it affecting his balance, speech and hearing. Pei Pei has supported us as a family with ideas and treatments, and I’m delighted that microsuction and grommets insertion seem to have done the trick. Thank you so much Pei Pei xx

Maria Cassidy

Pei Pei Cheang was excellent in helping my 14 year old daughter with her low hearing issue. She was experiencing problems at school as a result of her hearing issue. Pei Pei was very thorough and empathetic and created an excellent care plan very quickly. We would highly recommend Pei Pei Cheang.

Alex Hilder

Our 9 year old daughter had her tonsils and adenoids removed 3 weeks ago. Despite never having had tonsillitis and so being told several times that they were therefore no issue, they were so large that they were obstructing her breathing, particularly at night. Miss Cheang was very reassuring throughout the whole process and was very clear about why it would be worth going ahead. She put us all at our ease at every appointment and on the day of surgery itself. Now we are the other side of the operation and joke that Miss Cheang performed a personality transplant at the same time! Our daughter is now sleeping so much better, her temper is longer, homework is a far less stressful event, her demeanour is sunnier and our home is happier. Thank you! We will be back with daughter #2!

Kate Malone

After several years of a persistent ear problem with pain and discomfort, all fixed after 2 visits with Pei-Pei Cheang. Her manner is straight forward, approachable and incisive and I was obviously in capable and experienced hands. Thank you thank you!

Tracy Townsend

my brother in law Peter Teale had some facial surgery through the NHS and Pei-Pei Cheang was my surgeon , my experience was really good the team made my feel at ease
Thank you all
Now 3 weeks on you would not even notice I had surgery

Sarah Jarrett

Pei-pei was my ENT consultant and surgeon for my septoplasty and nasal valve reconstruction. She was fantastic, professional and very confident in her ability to help me with my breathing difficulties.
My initial consultation was quick and easy. On the day of surgery Pei-pei came and saw me, and talked me through any concerns I may have been having.
After the surgery I immediately felt an improvement even with the initial internal swelling. Externally there was no bruising and only minor swelling. Within weeks I was breathing with ease through my nose again. Something which I had not been able to do for years. I would highly recommend Pei-pei as a consultant ent surgeon.

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