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Dehump Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty (nose job) is one of the most sought after cosmetic procedure. Understandably, the nose is quite a focal point of the face. One of the most common request from my rhinoplasty patients is the removal of their nasal bump which is visible on profile view. Such a procedure is called dehump.

Dehump rhinoplasty is quite straightforward. I perform most of my rhinoplasties using an external approach (i.e.. there is a cut at the base of the nose). The incision site heals very well afterwards and one could hardly tell. An external approach allows me to reattach the middle third of the nose more securely, this would serve to prevent future collapse of this part of the nose in time to come, which can happen when the hump removal is extensive.

Apart from the scar, patients are also warned about the possibility of bruising or black eyes. The degree of this varies from person to person, but any bruising generally settles within a week or two.

The below showed a four week result from a patient who has a dehump rhinoplasty. It is obviously still early days in terms of post-operative, but one can already see the significant difference that such an operation brings. The dent on the skin of the nasal bridge is due to the nose pads of the spectacles that the patient wears when she is driving. It is evident in both the pre and post op photos.

Do contact me if you have any questions regarding rhinoplasty. I will be more than happy to have a discussion and assessment of your concerns.