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Ventilation Tubes and Grommets

Ventilations tubes are small hollow tubes that are inserted through the ear drum. The most commonly used ventilation tubes are called grommets. Other types include T-tubes and Tri-une tubes Why have Operation Ventilation tubes are used to treat glue ear (middle ear effusion), where there is fluid accumulating behind the ear drum. Glue ear is especially common in young children, [...]

Want to know more about the Obagi Blue Chemical Peel?

There are 2 types of Obagi peel - Blue Peel and Blue Peel Radiance. The Radiance is a very very superficial peel, suitable for younger people, or those who perhaps wants to look radiant for an upcoming event. After treatment the skin is tighter and fresher and pores are smaller. Blue Peel itself is a proper chemical peel and aims [...]

Rhinoplasty Case Study: Traumatic nasal injury leading to nasal obstruction

Sometimes, a patient's concern regarding their nose is less about the cosmetic appearance but more about the breathing difficulty that can occur as a result of trauma. In this case, my patient suffered an injury some years ago, and his nose was slightly pointed towards the right. Appearance wise it wasn't really bothering him, but he found himself unable to [...]

Are you at risk? A Case Study of Skin Cancer on the Ear

Skin cancer arises due to prolonged sun exposure, making the ears and the nose particularly at risk, especially the ears, where we frequently miss applying enough sun-block cream. My patient had a lump on his ear for around a year, which kept bleeding and he would wake on many mornings with blood on his pillow. He tried treating it himself [...]

Rhinoplasty Case Study – Traumatic Saddle Nose needing Rib for reconstruction

Most young people look forward to a night out to have some fun. Probably have a few drinks, dance around and generally laugh and enjoy the company of their friends. On one such night out though my patient was unfortunately involved in an unprovoked attack. He was punched in the face and suffered a severe injury to his nose. When [...]

Rhinoplasty Case Study – Piercing Reconstruction

Piercing on the nose is fashionably common and usually go without problems. So this was the first time I have ever seen the lower part of the nose 'dented' due to a previous piercing. Apart from being unsightly, the patient also complained of a corresponding lump inside the nostril, which was blocking her nasal breathing. In order to reach the [...]

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